Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Women's Green River Takeover 2016!

Another Women's Green River Takeover is on the books and it was bigger and better than ever! We had a total of 78 women put on and paddle the Upper Green together, with 32 of those women continuing through the Narrows! Watch Daniel Brasuell's video above to catch a small glimpse of what the day was all about. The idea behind the event is simply to get as many women as possible out on the water together in an effort to connect all of the amazing lady paddlers in the area and increase camaraderie and support in the community. It's about meeting new friends, mentors and role models in the community. Its about smiling.

All 78 ladies and the shuttle bunnies ready to start the day! (Photo by Chad Blotner)

The day wouldn't be the same without the assistance of the world's finest shuttle bunnies! The help of these men should not be under-stated. They volunteer their time for the day to help out with shuttles, but in a bigger picture way, are there to show their overwhelming support of the women's kayaking community. These guys are awesome!

Just a small sampling of our amazing team of shuttle bunnies (Photo by Chad Blotner)

In addition to getting the women's kayaking community together, the Takeover is also about remembering and channeling the spirit of Shannon Christy, a friend and fellow lady kayaker who we lost to the river a few years ago. Shannon always had a big smile on her face, and made sure you knew that "you are beautiful." At the end of the Takeover, we do a big raffle with prizes donated from the event's numerous sponsors to raise money for the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund, a fund that supports organizations and grants that build confidence and empower women and girls in our communities. This year we raised $2800 for the fund which was over 3 times as much as we have in the past!

You are Beautiful!(Photo by Daniel Brasuell)
Jessica Volt winning a new Nomad at the raffle (Photo by Chad Blotner)

This day really wouldn't be possible with out the support of so many people and companies so I have to give them a shout out of thanks.

To Dagger Kayaks and Adventure Technology Paddles for being the main sponsors of this event and providing the support and encouragement to make it happen every year!

To the other sponsors (NRSSeals SprayskirtsAstralGirls at PlayH20 DreamsKate Furman JewelryPatagoniaNantahala Outdoor CenterEndless River AdventuresMountain KhakisFrench Broad OutfittersGreen River Adventures, Chad Blotner Photography, Daniel Brasuell/ A Wet State and the French Broad River Academy) for providing support in all kinds of ways from shuttle logistics to raffle prizes, you all rock!

And of course to our amazing shuttle bunny team (Andrew Holcombe, Pat Keller, Tim Bell, Brydhi Stark, Tyler Boeing, Ben Blake, Toby MacDermott, Corey Volt, Brad McMillian, Jason McClure, Snowy Robertson, Bill Clipper, Gabe Latini, Chris Gragtmans, Steve Augustine, Marian Alan and anyone else who I may have forgotten) for helping me make the day run smooth by driving the ladies around all day!

I've never felt I was very good at putting into words exactly what this day is all about and what it means to me so instead of boring you with more words, I'd like to share some of my favorite photos from the day to provide insight into just what it is truly all about. Enjoy!

Shuttle Bunny Gab Latini leads an impromptu stressing session (Photo by Chad Blotner)

Starting out on the Upper all together (Photo by Chad Blotner)

Our youngest participant, Maddie (age 9), styles the slide line at Bayless Boof (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)

Nothing like boofing into a pool of ladies cheering you on!  (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)

Love having the river filled to the brim with ladies!

Katie Dean with a big smile!

Finding some time to chat in the eddies

Anna Levesque helps some first timers scout their line at Pinball (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)

Some ladies catching a ride to the eddy 

No caption needed

Coming in hot through Zwicks  (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)

Party time at Zwicks! (Photo by Chad Blotner)

Nikki Malatin squirting it up (Photo by Chad Blotner)

So much fun blue angeling through Powerslide! (Photo by Chad Blotner)

Fist bumps through Rapid Transit! (Photo by Chad Blotner)

All the narrows ladies with Andrew Holcombe, who wore his bunny ears all day!  (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)

Maria Noakes and me running Groove Tube together (Photo by Chad Blotner)

Hammer Factor with a crowd!  (Photo by Daniel Brasuell)
Enjoying some social time after the paddle (Photo by Chad Blotner)

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